Ask Shirelle

  • What to do when you’re wrongly accused of sexism
    Vedanova asks: One thing that really bugs me is how easily things get misinterpreted as sexist. I admit I have treated girls ‘a certain way’ because they were girls in the past, but now I have improved and I try to treat everyone the same regardless of their sex, or ... read more
    Published on 2024-05-13
  • Not Quite Human – a plea from all us dogs
    I’m a dog.  I’m not more than a dog, and I’m not less than a dog. And by the fact that you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you’re a human.  Not more than a human and not less than a human. Simple, isn’t it? Yet there’s a very ... read more
    Published on 2024-04-17
  • How to help a friend who’s in such pain they say they don’t want help
    pkt asks:  A few weeks ago we found out that my bf’s little brother has a cancerous brain tumor. Doctors said it would be too risky to operate and there is no possibility of any treatment .He went into a coma but thankfully recovered from it.  But His condition is ... read more
    Published on 2024-04-15
  • Why do men have to make the first move? Or do they?
    Vedanova asks:  Why is that most of the times the male has to propose or make the first move and face the risk of rejection? It feels really unfair to me. Is it because of some evolutionary reason in humans (which I most likely think it is) or anything else? ... read more
    Published on 2024-04-01
  • Wouldn’t it be Worse! – a way to handle frustrations and disappointment
           I was out walking with Handsome a few days ago, when a car sped past us, cutting off another car, and nearly hitting a parked one.  Handsome muttered to me, “That idiot thinks being late to where he’s going is the worst thing that could happen to him.”        ... read more
    Published on 2024-03-17
  • My Heroes! – the humans I look up to most
             We dogs tend to idolize our humans, so I of course see Handsome as the most wonderful being ever (which coincidentally is just the way he sees me!).  But he’s not my only hero.  I have a lot.           First of all, anyone who gives me food, ever, is ... read more
    Published on 2024-01-08
  • The Boy – and Girl – Next Door: defining the undefinable
    You know those words that you’ve known all your life but are really hard to define to someone?  What does Marriage mean?  How do you define Politics?  And while we’re at it, what is a Neighborhood?  It’s funny how much humans have these words, and use them constantly, without having ... read more
    Published on 2023-11-18
  • Shut Up That Barking! – the epidemic of noise
    Have you ever lived next door to a dog?  Even if you like the pooch, what’s the worst thing about living there?  I’m going to guess it’s the noise.  You’re trying to sleep in and out comes the yowling.  Screaming their head off at some nonsense, like, oh, another dog ... read more
    Published on 2023-10-24
  • When Facts Aren’t Facts … the absurdity of modern testing
             Handsome, my human friend, is sleeping at last.  For a few months, he was barely able to.  And even when he would fall asleep, he’d either be on top of his computer keyboard or holding his laptop in his arms.  He was just frantic.          All this was about ... read more
    Published on 2023-03-29
  • What to do when there’s no one to help you through something
    Vidhi asks: I feel alone and am confused about what to do.  I feel alone even when I’m around family. I just completed school but didn’t earn any friends. I am sitting idly most of the time. Last year I dealt with the death of my childhood friend so I’m ... read more
    Published on 2023-02-27
  • Is it wrong to want your boyfriend to include you?
    kiara123 asks: I’ve been with this boy for almost 2 years now. We’re long distance and I feel like I’ve started to become toxic. I love him a lot but I don’t understand why I get jealous when he’s out partying or planning trips with his friends. I have no ... read more
    Published on 2023-01-23
  • Too Much of a Good Thing? … how to wish better
    Ever heard the old saying “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?”  I have spent most of the past three weeks indoors.  Not because I’m sick or injured or in trouble (yes those do happen, but not in this case!).  But because it’s been raining here.  ... read more
    Published on 2023-01-17
  • Will I ever be able to love again?
    pkt asks: My boyfriend and I decided to completely break it off. Because of his family, he feels like there is no chance for us in the future and it will be good if we don’t stay friends because that will help him to move on. I still feel little ... read more
    Published on 2023-01-02
  • To Dance in Silence … the majesty of daring it all
                Handsome came home a couple of days ago, more excited than I’d seen him in months.  “You won’t believe what I just saw, Shirelle!  Remember I told you I was going to a ballet?”             Now I have to admit, while I’m often jealous of Handsome’s ability to go ... read more
    Published on 2022-12-11
  • How to deal with an inept parent
    Soumyaguna asks: I have always wanted a good father, at least a sensible one whom I could look up to. Until now, I have been thinking maybe I have given less effort, or maybe I’m not understanding mine, but his ego is so big and it has overshadowed him as ... read more
    Published on 2022-11-28