About the Author



Douglas Green is a psychotherapist working in private practice in Los Angeles, specializing in helping kids and teens build lives they can be proud of.

Doug grew up in Kansas City, and has lived in Connecticut and Australia. For over twenty years, he worked in the entertainment world, as a writer, director, producer, editor, actor, assistant director, even truck driver. Plays he wrote and directed have won multiple awards, and he has numerous shorts, ads, and music videos, to his name. In 2000, he released the feature film The Hiding Place, starring Kim Hunter and Timothy Bottoms – a searing look at the effects of Dementia on a family – which has been shown around the world and written up in journals as diverse as Variety and Playboy.

As a writer, Doug has had articles published in the psychological journals Progress, The Therapist, and Connections. He also created, writes, and manages the website www.AskShirelle.com, which gives advice – not from his viewpoint, but from that of a hyperactive, over-eager mutt.

Speaking of whom, the concepts behind the website stem from his upcoming book The Teachings of Shirelle – Life Lessons from a Divine Knucklehead, set for release in November, 2015.