“A warm, engaging, deceptively simple tribute to innate wisdom. May we all learn from such loveable teachers.”

— Dennis Palumbo – screenwriter My Favorite Year, author the Daniel Rinaldi mysteries


“A beautiful, heartfelt, and entertaining book, that gives the reader a deep understanding of the profound relationship between the human psyche and the souls of the other animals with whom we share this planet.”

— Linda Buzzell, co-editor Ecotherapy – Healing with Nature in Mind


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  • What to do when self-consciousness makes you lose sleep
    Hey Shirelle – School is starting very soon for me. I’m going into 8th grade! Lately it’s been really hard to go to sleep. I’m actually typing this at 3:39 am. I talked with a friend of mine earlier and we started talking about uniforms and stuff. (I go to a ... read more
    Published on 2022-11-21
  • The Pain Worse than Pain – the struggle against stress
                I lost my best friend.             I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to come up with a way to sugarcoat that, but I can’t find one.  Aria’s cancer got better, then worse, then better, and then lots worse, and finally her human friends had to kindly help her ... read more
    Published on 2022-11-17
  • Should you accept someone back after they ghost you?
    Pkt asks: My boyfriend ghosted me almost 10 days ago.  We were together for 2 years, and the  last couple of days I’ve been feeling really terrible. We did have a few small fights before he ghosted me, but we sorted them out so I thought everything was fine (and ... read more
    Published on 2022-11-14
  • Why do our parents irritate us so much!
    Akenn asks: I really love my parents and they love me too but sometimes they bring out the worst in me.  Why am I feeling this? Hi Akenn – What you’re describing isn’t just normal, it’s universal.  It’s been true as long as parents have had children. Think of it ... read more
    Published on 2022-11-07
  • Does wishing for things push them away?
    Bts army asks: I like to create fake scenarios in my mind about how my future will look or how I want it to be. Sometimes I think doing this will take me further from achieving, but other times think that I’m creating my future, so it’s okay. But I ... read more
    Published on 2022-10-24
  • What to do when your spouse has unacceptable activities
    Punita asks: This is my second marriage, and I am going through a bad situation.  My husband is a video game addict and smokes at home, and we have fights often.  Today I found he had plans to meet a sex worker, and I’m sure this isn’t the first time. ... read more
    Published on 2022-10-10
  • How to free yourself from a toxic relationship with a narcissist
    Hezlyn asks: I know that am in a toxic relationship, recently found out my partner is a narcissist, they also admitted that they are, I truly know that they aren’t good for me. And the truth is I don’t want them either because I know I deserve better. But my ... read more
    Published on 2022-10-03
  • Wretched asks: Hello Shirelle! It’s been a long time since I last reached out to you. Hope you’re doing well. Anyway, I am really conflicted right now if I should cut off my long time friend or stay as is. She’s been my friend for 6 years now but I ... read more
    Published on 2022-09-19
  • What to do when your Anxiety makes all the things that cause your Anxiety worse
    Natalie1615_17 asks: I’m a student, 17 this year.  Since last year my symptoms for anxiety have been obvious, I kept complaining about how my tummy aches, and mom just brushed it off, until, at the end of last year, things worsened and I was sent to the hospital immediately. The ... read more
    Published on 2022-09-12
  • What to do if you’re an introvert in a job for extroverts
    oceanne asks: I have started a job for a company as a promoter – my first job. I wanted to try because I am a university student and the hours were good for me. But I feel like it is not made for me. I am big introvert and I ... read more
    Published on 2022-09-05
  • How to move past a loved one’s suicide
    Vaughn asks: I need help dealing with my emotions. I’m not used to this. I lost my dad in November last year to suicide and I’m having trouble dealing with what I feel. He was the only person I could speak to about anything.  Now I find myself bottling things ... read more
    Published on 2022-08-29
  • What to do when relationship problems get in the way of your work
    Jigs24 asks: I am really stressed out, and have been for quite long time. There are so many problems going on between me and my partner and because of this I am unable to concentrate on my studies. All this is going on since more than a year. What should ... read more
    Published on 2022-08-22
  • How to win over someone shut down by divorce
    K-Xengah asks: Despite the drama going on in my life, I think I’ve had time to actually genuinely like someone else who isn’t my ex (the first person I have genuinely been interested in in 5 years). He’s older than me and divorced with two kids, but the day he ... read more
    Published on 2022-08-08
  • What to do when you’ve kept something loaned to you for way too long
    Icyplum asks: A year ago, I was staying in a residential society (a gated community) in a metropolitan city and I came across a message through a society app, someone from another block wing, stating something I related to, about starting a reading club within the society. I liked the ... read more
    Published on 2022-08-01
  • Whose fault is it when one person is hurt by another person’s joke?
    sweetparker asks: I had a fight with my brother and we haven’t talked in a week. He was joking around with things I’m sensitive about. I ignored him for several days because he hurt my feelings. Then he got angry and he stopped talking to me too. My mother thought ... read more
    Published on 2022-07-25