“A warm, engaging, deceptively simple tribute to innate wisdom. May we all learn from such loveable teachers.”

— Dennis Palumbo – screenwriter My Favorite Year, author the Daniel Rinaldi mysteries


“A beautiful, heartfelt, and entertaining book, that gives the reader a deep understanding of the profound relationship between the human psyche and the souls of the other animals with whom we share this planet.”

— Linda Buzzell, co-editor Ecotherapy – Healing with Nature in Mind


From the Author:

  • Dating Advice from a Crazy Dog Guy
    “Oh no, you’re not one of those, are you?!” We all know the phrase “crazy cat lady,” conjuring images of bathrobed bitties sprinkling cat chow into bowls as hordes of filthy yowling tabbies descend. And we hear more and more of “crazy cat guys” too. But there’s not much talk ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-04
  • Unconditional Love – As Taught by the Four-Legged Masters
    Another Valentine’s Day is upon us – a day when it often appears that everyone else in the world has a perfectly happy committed relationship based in deep, abiding, and playful love. In other words, a day when most of us writhe in disappointment. It’s not that we’re saying we’re ... read more
    Published on 2016-02-19
  • Straying into a Better New Year
      How would you like you like to spend 2016 as contented, as centered, as… your dog?   As a psychotherapist, I spend a lot of time dealing with people and our big-brained problems. On most issues, like how to create a telephone that uses 3D touch to show birds ... read more
    Published on 2016-01-14

From ask

  • Sorry Not Sorry … the nature of regret
                Handsome recently told me about a fascinating movie he’d just seen.  Hard to describe, but in many ways, it was fundamentally about the nature of regret.              We dogs don’t deal a lot with regret.  Or rather, we don’t deal with it for long.  We’ll regret something we did ... read more
    Published on 2022-05-19
  • Should one commit to a relationship that’s about to become long-distance?
    Goku asks: My college is almost about to end.  All my life I’ve been into terrible relationships. I have an amazing best friend who supported me throughout and helped me get through. She went through a break up 6 months ago, for a lot of reasons, but main one being ... read more
    Published on 2022-05-16
  • How to cope with the effects of a traumatic experience.
    Shelby asks: My life was normal until I was on my way to work, waiting for my shuttle service, and my phone got snatched. I have been living at my parents’ for so many years. But that night changed my life. I am so thankful that the robbers did not ... read more
    Published on 2022-05-09
  • What to do when someone won’t forgive you for a small mistake
    Lilly asks: I have asked you many questions about my relationship. My problem that I don’t know what is going on.  I can’t get over him; I love him so much and need him back in my life, but he doesn’t want me.  He thinks I am not good enough ... read more
    Published on 2022-05-01
  • What to do when you find you wanted more commitment than you’d thought
    Tuktuk asks: I met a guy in college, a senior. We talked on insta and snapchat for some time and then we met. I didn’t set any boundaries and it was go with the flow concept. We met and we got intimate. Our relationship was more of a physical one ... read more
    Published on 2022-04-25
  • Because I Could … the danger of Entitlement
                A president, having lost an election, spreads lies about having actually won it, to the degree that hundreds of his supporters storm their own government in a failed attempt to take it over and undo the election – after which he denies any blame for it while many of ... read more
    Published on 2022-04-17
  • What to do when your ex keeps treating you badly for making a mistake
    Lilly asks: The man I made a mistake with months ago continues to treat me badly.  I am feeling too much disturbed feeling alone, the smile on my face has gone too far. He has not even seen my messages in 2 days (or he’s seen but is not reacting ... read more
    Published on 2022-03-21
  • Why can’t the people who care about us understand what we’re feeling?
    Soumyaguna asks: I want to know why do people tend to show their emotions to us and when we try to say what we have to, we are not understood. Why do people not care about what the other person might be going through, especially when you are not just ... read more
    Published on 2022-03-07
  • What’s the best way to deal with false rumors at school?
    Arty asks: A few weeks ago at lunch one of my friends at school told me that someone who I thought was my friend made a story about me on FaceTime (Maybe she was jealous but she also might have just been bored or feeling mean. I’m not sure.). It ... read more
    Published on 2022-02-28
  • How do we move past our flaws to self-acceptance?
    Soumyaguna asks: We all should be brave enough to accept our flaws, at least with ourselves we can be true. We always tend to have a fear of people judging us, which gradually becomes an unconscious state and being in that longer we forget what we actually are ! We shouldn’t care ... read more
    Published on 2022-02-21
  • What to do when your new spouse rebels against you
    Stunner_boss123 asks: I’ve been married for a month now.  My wife is a wonderful person & a very generous human being (at least face to face). However unfortunately, we have had too little time together after marriage (it was an arranged marriage & we did not meet before). I wanted to spend ... read more
    Published on 2022-02-14
  • The King’s Nightmare … finding power in what you don’t want
                Over the past couple of months, it’s been a bit different living with Handsome.  He got all excited about this pair of books, and hardly talked about anything else.  Not only that, but they led him to constantly play music by this one guy, and while it’s all good, ... read more
    Published on 2022-02-09
  • What to do with someone just out of a relationship who doesn’t know what they want
    Prince2411 asks: There’s a girl I was with for 7years, we recently broke up due to some reasons, but she came back, and we’ve been talking for a couple months, we say I love you’s, good nights and all that. In the meantime , she still thinks of giving that ... read more
    Published on 2022-01-22
  • Acts of Contrition – the importance of apology
    In a popular movie of 1970, a famous actress tells her boyfriend Ryan O’Neal, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  A couple of years later, he was in another hit movie, where another famed actress tells him the same line, and he responds “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ... read more
    Published on 2022-01-16
  • What to do when others are intimidated by your size and energy?
    Arty asks: I feel very self-conscious lots of the time. I’m overweight, and I have pimples and acne. My friends also call me mean and evil (though that’s just one guy) and aggressive and sarcastic, to an extent where they can’t tell if I’m even being serious or not. Of ... read more
    Published on 2022-01-11